Class Schedules and Pricing



5:15a      RISE 

6:00pm   YIN 

7:30pm    BEGNNER 


8:30am   ALIGN

10a-12p   Kids Yoga Camp July 9,10,11

6:00pm    RADIANT EXPLORE (Advanced Hot)


8:30am   YIN

10a-12p   Kids Yoga Camp July 9,10,11

6:00pm   BALANCE

7:30pm   KUNDALINI

7:00pm   Sunset SUP Yoga        July 17, August 14, August 28 


8:30am    HOUSE 

10a-12p   Kids Yoga Camp July 9,10,11

6:00pm    RADIANT

7:30pm     Movie Night or Yoga Nidra once a month (check mind body app for dates)


5:15a      RISE  

4:30p      HAPPY HOUR


9:00am    SUP Yoga             June 29, July 6, August 3

9:30am    Yoga @ Sockdolagers


12-1p       Little Kids Yoga (July 13)


3:00pm    REST

4:30pm    FLOW

Classes highlighted in purple are suitable for a beginner.
Classes highlighted in blue are suitable for a beginner that can easily get up and down from the floor.
Classes highlighted in red are heated and suitable for someone with a bit of a yoga or cardio practice                                                                                                                          

Classes highlighted in Yellow are offsite-details are offered in enrollments/workshops. Classes in pink are POP UP classes or events

Check out our workshops, enrollments and events too!!!

Memberships and/or packages are non-transferable and may not be shared and are non-refundable.

No Returns ~ only in store credit can be given on specified workshop, school or events with proper notice

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  • Class Pricing

    Drop In

    65+ $12

    Package Deals
    10 Classes for $100
    (expires in 2 months)

    17 Classes for $135
    (expires in 4 months)

    Unlimited Membership

    Unlimited Military

    (6 month contract with autopay draft of $89 each month)


    Privates: $60/hr
    Privates w/ Camie: $75/hr 

    Private Parties offered as well

    Charged full price if canceled in less than 12 hours