Abilene Yoga House’s 200 Hour Teacher Training has been a life changing experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Camie Garvey is a wonderful teacher & mentor. Camie is knowledgeable, intuitive, kind, & passionate about yoga on & off the mat. She has been so patient with me over the years. She has given me the yoga tools I need to nurture my own hurting heart & in turn be able to help others. I highly recommend Abilene Yoga House to anyone interested in learning more about yoga or to anyone looking for a yoga “home”. The studio is beautiful, comfortable & is well equipped with wonderful props. All the instructors are great & Camie brings in awesome Senior Instructors like Jyl Kutsche for workshops. I am filled with gratitude to Camie Garvey for creating Abilene Yoga House & for opening a Yoga Teacher Training School in Abilene, Texas. I feel honored to be a part of this beautiful Sangha. Namaste
~Rhonda Blanton, Abilene

Abilene Yoga House is a diamond in the rough of West Texas. Camie Garvey teaches yoga straight from her heart. Her light that exudes is authentic and purposeful, and she genuinely cares for her students. She teaches how to make yoga accessible for everyone in order to nurture intentional growth – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was challenged, supported, encouraged and listened to. My life is changed forever, and I am excited to continue exploring my heart and sharing the light I discovered through teacher training at AYH.
~Casey Dee Pace, San Angelo

Abilene Yoga house provides a comprehensive, well-rounded training in a safe and encouraging environment. Students explore many aspects of yoga and are provided opportunities to practice teaching before completion. Students are prepared to teach with specific cues, modifications and sequences that prepare them to create classes that are safe for all students.
~Karan Duwe, Abilene

Our 200 hour training was intense, tough at times but a great experience! Our instructor was very professional & kept us accountable. We knew what to expect because she told us! I learned a lot from her & will continue to attend classes & workshops there.
~Sherri Pope, Abilene

My training at Abilene Yoga House was great. Camie has really put her heart and soul into learning and studying yoga. As an instructor, Camie’s biggest strength is alignment. She really showed us to how to get into poses safely and hold them. She them taught us the correct queues to help students get into poses, modifications to offer, and adjustments that we could give. During teacher training, we were encouraged us to take yoga off our mat, incorporating it into all aspects of our life. Yoga Teacher Training encouraged me to grow physically and spiritually.
~Jeanette Schofield, Abilene

Everyone I know that has done YTT told me that it would be intense and that I would learn so much about myself. YTT at Abilene Yoga House didn’t disappoint! I am stronger, braver and more open in body, mind and spirit than I ever have been. I started YTT for personal growth and education only, but I’m now teaching yoga because I want to share my experience with others. I can’t hold it all in!
~Angie Lord, Abilene Dyess Airforce Base

Camie is an incredibly gifted and passionate teacher. She was taught by amazing teachers, and it shows!
~Collette Garrett, Amarillo

This teacher training program was fantastic! I feel even more prepared to teach than I expected I would when signing up. Camie is concerned about her students safety and longevity and taught us important modifications and alignment cues to safely lead students into poses. I loved all of the extras beyond the poses, the Sutra studies and homework were beneficial for my personal practice off the mat. I have studied yoga at several other studios but could not image doing teacher training anywhere but Abilene Yoga House. Life changing!
~Natalie Butler, Abilene