Workshops & Events

Glow Yoga:    TBD

Why not Glow in yoga?  Add a little fun experience to your yoga practice and glow.  Wear white, neons colors or paint some neon on the body to glow under the black lights.  This class will be a moving class with upbeat music and maybe a little bit of letting go with some dance. Beginners that can easily rise up and down off the floor are welcome with the intention to just release and try something new.


Explore Our Core: January 25,26 & 27 

w/ Jyl Kutshe

Exploring Our Core Workshop Weekend

A stable, accessible core means so much more than just six-pack abs. When healthy and balanced, it can provide physical, emotional, visceral, and even psycho-spiritual support. This weekend we’ll explore this deep part of ourselves through both subtle and dynamic work in a variety of playful ways.
Friday: Expand & Unwind (minimum of 6 months yoga experience; ability to move up/down from floor with ease)
Saturday: Core Support: Awakening the Hamstring & Psoas (minimum of 6 months yoga practice)
Sunday: The Core Link: Supporting the Craniosacral Rhythm with Yoga (no prior yoga necessary, but recommended)


Friday 6-8pm:     Expand & Unwind
Winter carries a more contractive energy; it’s the time of year where our bodies naturally go into a state of hibernation (whether we’re aware of it or not!) As we near Imbolc, the midway point of winter, we can use this time to check in, see how the new year has settled in so far, and begin the preparations for the thawing out process as the season of spring draws closer. Through the use of props, we’ll bring support into some strong side bends and twist – merging the slower, more supportive energies of winter with poses that will open up our rib basket, lungs, and breath as a way to begin breaking up the more stagnant energies of winter.

Saturday 1-4pm:    Core Support:
Exploring the Hamstrings & Psoas
When people talk about their hamstrings it’s usually regarding how tight they are. In this workshop, we’ll be looking at our hamstrings from a different perspective – as pillars of support instead of something simply in need of stretching.
The psoas major muscles are often referred to as ‘the muscles of the soul’ because of their depth both physically and psychically. When you consider their integral relationship to the psoas, it could then be said that the hamstrings are the “pillars of our soul”.
Our aim in this workshop will be to build strong, stable pillars; resulting in more support for our lower spine; and because of the body’s fascial connections, more ease in our neck and shoulders, as well.
Level: at least 6 months of yoga experience

Sunday 9-12pm:     Supporting the The Craniosacral Rhythm with Yoga
Craniosacral Therapy and Yoga complement each other in several ways; by creating a calming effect on the central nervous system, boosting the immune system, and releasing the body’s habitual tension patterns.

“Craniosacral therapy is powerful, because it enhances the movement of spinal fluid, which in turn improves the nutrition of the central nervous system—the brain and spinal cord—which rules most of what is going on in the body,” ~John Upledger

Entire weekend investment for self is:   $160  non refundable and non transferable   

WE Yoga w/Camie   TBD

I’ve noticed more and more how disengaged we have become especially in this digital world… while I embrace the digital age, I also see a deeper need to reconnect, not only to ourselves but with other humans.Our agitation detector is extremely sensitive and reactionary and I have been doing a lot of self study about reconnection and re-engaging. This self study has prompted me to introduce a different kind of partner yoga, One that nurtures and supports one another through healthy touch and communication. I think so many times we depend solely on ourselves for support but how important it is to be able to ask for our needs and support in others. In this class, we will explore a way to re-engage not only with ourselves but with a support network. “In partner yoga, communication is key in order to cultivate a sense of safety and trust, as well as hold space for laughter and play.”

Bring a friend, a spouse, a supportive partner. This is about building trust, communication, asking for help and a sense of safety, nurturing and well being. This will be a class for anyone that has the ability to get up and down easily. Brave the task of vulnerability and see what happens:)

All genders and couplings can benefit.

$25 a couple