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Sunset SUP Yoga + SUP Yoga

Wednesdays    7P-8P               Aug 28
SUP Yoga is a Yoga class on a Stand Up Paddleboard. Being outside on the water is an amazing way to practice yoga and meditation.
No yoga or paddleboard experience is required. We love beginners and advanced students alike!
If you have your own board you are welcome to use it and pay a fee for the yoga class or rent equipment from us that is included in your ticket. We have limited boards so be sure to register ahead of time, these fill up quickly.

What do I wear?
Shorts, tennis skirts, swimsuit, yoga pants, anything that you can move easily in and be mindful of anything that might reveal a little too much… we are doing yoga poses .
Apply some sunscreen, bring a towel and some water. If you want to wear sunglasses, make sure you aren’t too attached… they have been known to go to the bottom of the lake.

Who can do this?
Anyone that can swim and wants to have fun

Why yoga on a Paddle Board?
Why not? No really…. It gets hot in Texas and we are limited on water in West Texas so we thought lets bring yoga and SUP together! This is our 4th summer doing this and the reception has been amazing. We will do modifications, play a little bit and build some equanimity in our bodies while awakening our core.

We are so grateful to SUP Abilene and their staff for allowing this fun practice to come to fruition.

If you have any questions please call
Camie 325-721-4937
Amy 325-269-1812

Tickets are $25 and include your paddle board, paddle, life jacket and yoga. Tickets are non refundable and non transferrable

Reserve your spot HERE

***It is very important that we have your email address and cell phone number in your student record as classes may be canceled or rescheduled up to an hour before the session due to changing wind or weather conditions. life… to that which drives us in our lives. Our core is that which helps us stand strong and steady in a world that often can sometimes feel like it’s trying to knock us down. But this doesn’t mean only turning inward to find that steadiness; it also means we extend ourselves outwards towards the support that is available from the openness of, and perhaps even beyond, our physical forms. 

Yoga @ The Mill

September 6    6-7p

One of the most unique and coolest places in Abilene has invited AYH to have yoga at their facility. Enjoy a sangria after class that is included in your ticket price!

This will be an all levels, come have fun and enjoy your local community gathering kind of event. Please bring your own mat and a willingness to not take life so seriously:)


$20 includes yoga and 1 sangria

$10 Unlimited Members

Reserve your spot HERE

All Sales Final


Yoga + Amendment 21

September 8   9:30-10:30a


We are so honored to have an opportunity to bring yoga to you at Amendment 21 right before their brunch! We will offer a very beginner friendly, fun class followed by craft drinks and breakfast by The Sweet & Savory. What an exciting way to start your morning in Abilene!

Included in your ticket will be 2 hand crafted mimosas + really good cool yoga!


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All Sales Final

Syncing With The Seasons Series: Fall

September 22   9-11:45a

Just like mother nature, We begin to feel & welcome the shift that is in the air. In Texas, the shift is very slow and subtle. The veggies slow down & brown, the lands starts to lose its vibrancy & even though the temperature isn’t shifting much, many underground things are craving less acceleration. To “fall inward” and keep our internal vibrancy, we need gently dynamic bending and twisting. Join Camie as she leads us in preparation for the welcoming shift and synchronicity.  This class is for beginners and beyond and modifications will be offered for the newbie or the seasoned practitioner.
$35 Unlimited Members
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All Sales Final

Yoga With A Twist

September 27   6:30P


Join Nicole at Painting With A Twist Friday night for a beginner friendly yoga class followed by some yogis becoming artist!  Art + Yoga + BYOB or let it be a fam night!

Please bring your own mat, snacks and drinks and a need to get artistic with your body and your mind!


$40 includes painting and yoga

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All Sales Final

Yoga with the Giraffes

October 12   9-10a

The Abilene Zoo and Abilene Yoga House have collaborated to bring you this unique opportunity to enjoy yoga on the terrace with the giraffes! This will be a family friendly class overlooking the serene majestic creatures at the zoo.  Included in your ticket will be yoga and feeding the giraffes after class.

Please bring a yoga mat and take pictures!

$20 includes yoga, entrance into the zoo and feeding the giraffes.

All Sales Final

Yoga On The Rooftop @ The Grace Museum 

November 14, December 12, January 9, February 13

Wow Abilene and its support of yoga in its community!  The Grace Museum and Abilene Yoga House is offering yoga on the roof top under the stars. Even if the weather is questionable, we have options to practice among the art or on the heated patio. Each month we will offer a different type of yoga to introduce you to the many lineages of yoga.  Each class will be 45 minutes long followed by a tour of the The Grace and its art. Then we will meet back in our yoga spot where The Grace will provide 2 glasses of wine and light snacks.  Guess what??? It is free! First come first serve! We will take a limited amount and would encourage you to sign up through the MINDBODY app. We will have yoga mats but we encourage you to bring your own if you have one.

Reserve your spot HERE

Yoga @ Sockdolagers Brewery  TBD in the Fall


There are some advantages to practicing yoga where craft beer is brewed. From the smell of hops to the feeling of community, breweries offer a casual atmosphere that brings together students who might otherwise never practice yoga.

Beer and yoga have a few things in common, but the most commonality is that both lead to a casual social environment.  Sockdolagers and its owners have done a fantastic job bringing the sweetness and the uniqueness of our little community together.

Some need to know things:

Bring a yoga mat (we will have some props if needed)

You must be able to get up and down from the floor

This class can be for beginners but we will be moving, stretching and relaxing, so bring a sense of inquiry and fun.

Please arrive early. We try to conduct a sense of opening and closing. We are weaving a message from the get go and would love for you to be fully present to enjoy this experience

Please sign up on the mindbody app as we won’t have cash or the necessities to take payment

 WE Yoga w/Camie   TBD

I’ve noticed more and more how disengaged we have become especially in this digital world… while I embrace the digital age, I also see a deeper need to reconnect, not only to ourselves but with other humans.Our agitation detector is extremely sensitive and reactionary and I have been doing a lot of self study about reconnection and re-engaging. This self study has prompted me to introduce a different kind of partner yoga, One that nurtures and supports one another through healthy touch and communication. I think so many times we depend solely on ourselves for support but how important it is to be able to ask for our needs and support in others. In this class, we will explore a way to re-engage not only with ourselves but with a support network. “In partner yoga, communication is key in order to cultivate a sense of safety and trust, as well as hold space for laughter and play.”

Bring a friend, a spouse, a supportive partner. This is about building trust, communication, asking for help and a sense of safety, nurturing and well being. This will be a class for anyone that has the ability to get up and down easily. Brave the task of vulnerability and see what happens:)

All genders and couplings can benefit.